Five Online Shopping Saving Tips You Need to Know Right Now

You either clicked on this article because you want to save the most possible money online, or you wanted to see a cute puppy picture. If it's the latter, we added the puppies to help with our chances in the social media algorithm. Check out the cute puppy picture, then read on to learn 5 savings tips to save the most money when you shop online.

  1. Use promo codes & extreme couponing
  2. Get the best cash back rates
  3. Wait for sales
  4. Use a rewards credit card
  5. Hacks to get free shipping when you shop online

In this article, I will be discussing some of the best online shopping-saving tips that you need to know right now. Sounds interesting? Continue reading.

Best Tips to Save on Online Shopping

All these tips that I’m about to provide are time-tested, legit, and proven. Therefore, you could use them safely. The only thing is you’ll have to exert a little effort to use these tips. However, I can assure you that all your effort would be worthwhile: the money that you save can be invested in savings and other plans.

So, let’s begin.

Use Promo Codes & Coupons to Save Even More

If you’re looking for promo codes, you’re on the right site. FatCoupon has promo codes for thousands of websites. To access these coupon codes, install the FatCoupon Google Chrome Extension or the FatCoupon App, and FatCoupon will automatically apply promo codes at check-out. Ensure you’re signed in to FatCoupon so you may earn cash back as well.

Get Cash Back On Your Purchases

As you read in the previous section, FatCoupon will save you money with coupon codes at thousands of stores. But did you know FatCoupon has some of the best cash back rates online? Simply sign-up for the FatCoupon account, at the FatCoupon extension to Google Chrome, or shop within the FatCoupon app, and you’ll start earning cash back at stores like Walmart, Dell, BestBuy, eBay, COACH Outlet, Newegg, Adidas, Macy’s, and thousands more.

Wait for Sales

It may be tempting to impulse buy, but if you can be patient, it’s likely the store will put the item on sale sometime shortly.

The Most Well Known Sales (From January 1st onward)

You can bet your bottom dollar most major retailers will have a sitewide sale around these significant shopping holiday. These sales events are also no longer one-day affairs. They typically now last a week or more. By creating a FatCoupon account, you’ll be alerted to these sales each week. We also send push notifications about critical sale events in the FatCoupon shopping app.

Lesser-known sale events

Did you know, most retailers have a sale even almost every month. Sometimes they are associated with banking holidays and other significant events; however, sometimes, they’re just made up. These sales will often have discounts just as big or bigger than the other sale events. Check these “other” sale events out below.

  • Big Game Sales Event
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend Sales
  • Springbreak sale
  • Spring Sale / Easter Sale
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day Sale
  • Semi-annual Sale
  • Mid-summer Sale
  • Black Friday in July
  • Back to School Sale
  • Indigenous People’s Day Sale
  • Halloween Sale
  • Black Friday Month Sale (That’s right, many retailers like BestBuy and Walmart are doing Black Friday for a month, rather than a single day)

Did you notice something? Some of these sales are made-up. “Black Friday in July,” “Semi-annual Sale” - these sale events may be made up by online retailers, however I can assure you that the savings are real. Be sure to sign-up for a FatCoupon account, so you’re notified about these sales as they occur.

Use a rewards credit card

Quick recap, with the three steps above, you’ll be saving money with promo codes, cash back, and by waiting for sales. The next layer is a rewards credit card. There is tons of financial advice online, so we won’t bore you or make a case for any single online credit card. Do some Googling, and find a card that has the best rewards. Actual cash rewards may be more appealing than a complex points system, or if you’re really into travel, an airline credit card could work as well.

One thing to look out for is “rewards categories”. Many rewards cards offer 1% on everything but even more for restaurants and gas. Be sure to review these categories, annual fees, and the reputation of the card before you make a decision on which rewards card to pick. If you’re paying an annual fee, your savings could be hurt.

Lastly, if you’re not paying off your credit card each month, then the interest payments will be eating into all the juicy savings you’ve earned through promo codes, cash back, and waiting for sales.

Get free shipping

Amazon has trained many of us to become accustomed to free shipping. Many retailers have not caught up, however, with a few tricks you can land free shipping on most of your online purchases.

Purchase minimums - one of the most common ways to get free shipping is by hitting an order minimum. It can range anywhere from $25 to $100 or more. With most retailers it’s somewhere in the middle. Don’t force yourself to buy more, however, if you’re just a few bucks away from hitting the free purchase threshold, consider getting a gift for a friend or loved one. If you’re buying makeup or some other good that you know will be used up, consider buying slightly more.

Rewards accounts - Many retailers give you free shipping just for creating an account. At the time of writing this article, these retailers include Nike, Columbia, Billabong, Converse, DSW, Dell, and more. So take the time to sign-up for a free account, and free shipping is yours.

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Make a Shopping List

Most people I know waste money during online shopping because they’re unaware of what to buy. This happens because they don’t make a good shopping list. Therefore, such people go through various products on a specific website and add them to their online shopping carts.

Unplanned online shopping ranks as the top reason people waste their money when they could have easily saved it. Unfortunately, the trend of online shopping has somewhat made people forget the vital thing we once knew as a shopping list.

Get down to prepare a shopping list at least a week before you make online purchases. Take inventory of all the stuff you already have and include only the things you need to refill or replenish at your office or home. This is one of the best online shopping-saving tips that you need to know right now. All it needs is some effort from your side to prepare a shopping list.

Decide how much you want (or are able) to spend ahead of time

Most of us fail to draw a budget while shopping online. The result: we end up spending a tiny pile of money buying stuff that we wouldn’t need anytime soon. And such spends are more when we’re buying on a credit card. Therefore, drawing your budget for online shopping is the next best tip I can provide.

Generally, we overspend during online sales and shopping festivals or festive seasons. Black Friday sales that are common online are one such example when we rush to grab almost everything available “cheap” online.

Comparing prices of the same stuff at different online stores is one of the best ways to save money. This means that you should discard that habit of buying things from only one online store and exploring other options as well.

Another thing is that you can get some discounts for using a specific credit card or debit card. Check these too. For example, Walmart credit cards and debit cards offer some savings from buying from their online store.

Recap on how to save the most when shopping online

Do the math. There isn’t any one thing that will help you save a ton when you shop online, but by combining the topics listed in this article, you’re sure to come out with max savings.

  • Get promo codes at your favorite stores from the FatCoupon Google Chrome extension or FatCoupon App
  • Get Cash Back at thousands of stores from FatCoupon
  • Wait for sales! (We’ll let you know via email when you sign-up)
  • Get a rewards credit card
  • Use shopping hack to get free shipping

Thanks for reading the the FatCoupon blog! Have a question about what we do? Get in touch. Seriously, we want to hear from you. :)

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