FatCoupon is Better with Friends | Invite Friends for a 20% Cash Back Bonus

FatCoupon is Better with Friends | Invite Friends for a 20% Cash Back Bonus

Who knew you could earn passive income with a cash back site? That's right. With the FatCoupon invite-a-friend program you'll earn a cash back bonus each time your friends shop.


FatCoupon Has A Referral Program? So Cool! Invite friends to get a 20% Bonus Each Time They Shop Online.

We're going to toot our own horn here. We have one of the best cash back referral programs ever. Here's the skinny: invite friends to try FatCoupon and get a 20% cash back bonus each time they shop online.

Get your cash back referral link here.

Here's some simple cash back math for ya:

  • You invite a friend to FatCoupon
  • That friend earns $1000 in cashback
  • You earn a 20% bonus! That's $200!!

Easy right! Simply login to your FatCoupon account (if you aren't already), and go to the invite a friend section to get your cash back referral program link.

If you’ve spent any time on FatCoupon, then you know we deliver deals for days. We have literally thousands of items from brands you adore like Nike, Adidas, COACH, Columbia, UGG, Dell/Alienware, Asics, and so much more!

Check out our referral program today and you can start building up those cashback rewards immediately.

What is the FatCoupon referral program And How Does It Work?

It’s seriously so easy. Sign up now and you can get 20% of the cashback rebates that your friends earn on every purchase they make through FatCoupon (at NO cost to them!) What a great way to increase your earning potential! Drop your friends, family, and co-worker's emails and we'll send them a personal email invitation to join Dealtree. Each email has a custom tracking code to make sure you get credit for each referral!

That’s it! Like we said, super easy. You can earn a little extra jingle just by helping them save money. They’ll thank you and so will we!

Why is this cash-back referral program better than others?

Because we offer an ongoing 20% equivalent bonus for everyone you invite, rather than a one-time reward, like other cashback sites. That means, if your referrals buy a big-ticket item like a qualifying laptop or a TV, you’ll reap the benefits for FREE. So cool.

Get your cash back referral link here.

What are the best places to refer friends?

Just spread the word! You have the tools already. Drop them a text message, post in your Instagram story, send an email, share with your Facebook group, post on your bulletin board, etc. There is no cap to the amount of people you can sign up. The more the marrier!

Get your cash back referral link here.

Don't Forget To Download Us!

Download our Chrome extension and iOS or Android apps now to get even more saving every day. We deliver the hottest savings right to your part when you chek out online. Also, you guessed it, we’re totally free. You could be saving in ten seconds or less. What are you waiting for?

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