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Why has my cashback not reached payable yet?

This is simply because that is how long it takes for the cashback to reach us. It takes typically 3 months for the merchants to pay us commission and then we will pay our clients. For some merchants, it might take up to 4-5 months, although this is rare. The reason is that some clients might return their products and the merchants need time to verify all the orders. During this time, the cash back is showing approved, and we are waiting for the merchants to pay us. This is the way the cash back industry works and the terms are set up by the merchants.

We're sorry if this does take longer than expected, but we do make sure to pass the cashback on to you as soon as we receive it. It is also important to note that with FatCoupon, once you have payable cashback, you are able to request the payout of this immediately, without having to wait for monthly or quarterly payouts.
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